Egypt stones for Marble and Granite


Egypt Stones was established in 1995 since then it became one of the top Egyptian company for marble and granite. It starts from quarrying, sawing, polishing and the processing of marble and granite. Egypt Stones export to all countries all over the world. It has strong reputation and a well known international name.  The two factories has the latest technologies, professional expertise, and effective management.



Egypt Stones offer comprehensive services. Start from sawing blocks into slabs, tiles, stairs with different thickness, size and finish. We have various types of finish such as polished, unpolished, honed, acid, brushed, sandblasted, bush hammered, flamed, tumbled and split face. 

Egypt Stones packaging types are palettes, wooden boxes, bundles and it can be customized based on the client preference. 

Egypt Stones offer a customized service based on our clients preference as its main goal to gain customer satisfaction. 





Strong management and team work has always been our strategy. Egypt Stones seek perfection with long standing experience in exporting stone to various countries worldwide. 

Quality control starts by  lab-tested materials, precisely sawing it to desired thickness, calibrating, applying finishes to surface, cutting to size, carefully packing and smooth shipping to our client.

Our average capacity production per month:

    • 17000 m² raw cutting slabs.
    • 15000 m² polished slabs.
    • 6000 standard cut to size tiles.
    • 14000 m² standard split face.